Every business has a goal. Not everyone can execute.

Strategic Management for Digital

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The ideal scientist thinks like a poet
and works like a bookkeeper.

– E.O. Wilson, father of sociobiology, environmental advocate
1. Digital Strategy (brand, ecosystem, growth)
2. Systems Design (people, process, technologies)
3. Management and Execution

We get things done. Well. Through our experience, connections and
ability to execute.

Why Are You Here?

Do You Have...?

_Enough Time?

_The Right Resources?

_The Expertise?

_The Leadership?

_The Fuel?

Bottom Line

We get it. We’re strategic. We’re creative. We understand business. We know a lot of people. We’re obsessive. We get things done. On target, time and goal.

= You sleep well at night

Areas of Expertise


Planning and Operations

Systems Design

Program Management

Account Management




Brand Strategy

Content Strategy

User Experience Design

Visual Design

User Research

Software Development

Are These Our Services?

Not exactly. We're expert practioners of the above, but our sole focus is management and delivery that is strategically on target.

Who We've Done It For

We work with organizations of all sizes and structures. References and case studies can be provided on request.

Who We Are

Integral is a digital strategy and management firm.

For 17 years, we've helped organizations create more compelling digital products, programs and services through superior management and creative expertise.

We are a senior, experienced and networked team that GETS IT and knows how to get things done. We partner with companies, agencies and individual contributors (including our own vast network) to solve problems and create impact for organizations of all sizes and types.

Having spent most of our careers client-side, we know what's at stake.

If it's in the digital space, we can likely help. If we can't, we'll tell you. Really. And we'll do our best to refer you to someone who can.

Why Integral?

We see ourselves as "integral" to any business. We get things done on time and in the manner we'd want them done for us -- intuitive and thorough, creative and efficient.

Why Interaction?

People do business with people. Large or small, the interactions people have with your products and services matter, whether that's with an ad, software, hardware, website, retail experience, print collateral, app, call center, and more often than not, a conversation with another customer.

(Many of us also have an interaction and user experience design background, so our approach is naturally human-centered.)

What We Do


We ensure projects, products and services are strategically sound, scoped for success, agile and well-executed.


There is an opportunity cost to getting something done right.

The cost of getting it wrong is too high.

how it works


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  • Turnaround Management Firm


  1. Identify opportunities
    By analyzing your project, program, product, service, idea or talent need, and making recommendations.
  2. Create smart strategic and operational plans with you and your team.
    By scoping a solution within a flexible framework.
  3. Build and manage teams
    Your team, our team or by connecting you to other providers.* Including recruitment, resourcing and training.
  4. Execute and generate growth
    By driving initiatives, managing teams, creating products, services, programs and campaigns, and testing, iterating and optimizing as needed.
* We have a large team of expert contributors and a wider network of collaborators. We can provide or recommend resources. Or we can work with your agencies of record. We are resource agnostic provided the resources are the best for your project.

Contact Us

We’re located in Marina Del Rey, with colleagues in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and London.

We work with people all over the world.


4136 Del Rey Ave.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292